The development of GAINER hardware and its goals


In 2003, a young man full of dreams and visions created GAINER. After 17 years, the company enjoys a high reputation in the system supporting industry and is favored by the world's high-end custom consumer brands. The founder's vision has boosted GAINER's move to high-end custom hardware systems, and has won high praise and respect from partners. , achieved the extraordinary history page of GAINER.

The basic tenet of GAINER is that the products are never made up of cold materials, but the aesthetics and technology are skillfully combined to bring out the taste of high-end life. With this creed, GAINER has always been at the forefront of the supporting industry, constantly bringing new products and new ideas to high-end customized consumer brands.

GAINER has taken the lead in research and development of hardware accessories to take the lead in research and development of hardware systems. From the establishment of the design company sub-brand, from independent research and development to the master craftsmanship, not only create and lead the supporting industry, but also develop GAINER into the high-end of the industry. Supporting brands.

2003 Nanhai District GAINER Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established

2004 The South China Sea Lishui Production Base was completed and put into production

2008  more than ten patent applications for independent research and development products

2011 Zhaoqing Yongfeng Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. (second generation base) completed and put into production

2013  Obtained ISO International Standard System Certification

2015 Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with international famous brands such as Beryl, and exported products to more than 30 countries.

2016 Upgrade management mode, marketing center, R&D center, production center service support, build 4S factory service mode

2018 company has successfully transformed and has reached strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign listed brands.

Foshan GAINER Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional supporting production of interior decoration aluminum and industrial aluminum, which is engaged in research, development, extrusion, oxidation, polishing, drawing and deep processing. It produces all kinds of cabinets, furniture, interior doors and electronic products. factory.

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