With the enthusiasm and observation of life, everywhere is full of surprise and ingenuity ; the vitality of innovation gives a new attitude to traditional craftsmanship, constantly trying to design with original and humanistic connotations, leading the expectation to satisfy everyone's needs and aspirations for the ideal belonging space.


Foshan GAINER Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional supporting manufacturer which integrates R&D, extrusion, anodising, polishing, brushing and deep processing to produce various kinds of cabinets, furniture, inner doors and electronic products for interior decoration and industrial aluminium materials.

Company's sole proprietorship

Zhaoqing Yongfeng Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. (anodising and Extrusion)
Foshan GAINER Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Finishing and Assembly)


The annual output is over 6000 tons.


Over 100 Professional and Technical Management qualified staffs.


More than 600 employees


Covering an area of 60,000 square meters.

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