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In 2003, a young man full of dreams and vision founded GAINER. Seventeen years later, the company enjoys a reputation in the system hardware industry and is favored by high-end customized consumer brands all over the world. The founder's vision has helped GAINER move towards high-end customized hardware systems. He has also won high praise and esteem from his partners, thus contributing to GAINER's extraordinary legendary history page.

GAINER's basic belief is that the products are not made of cold materials, but are skillfully integrated with aesthetics and technology to set off the taste of high-end life. Adhering to this belief, GAINER has always been at the forefront of hardware industries, constantly bringing new products and concepts to high-end customized consumer brands.

GAINER has taken the lead in the research and development of hardware matching to the first research and development of complete hardware system matching, from the first establishment of design company sub-brand, from independent research and development to the cooperation of craftsmen to create, not only to create and lead the matching industry, but also to develop GAINER into a high-end matching brand of the industry.

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